Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass


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"Pasture-raised meat is far superior to that of factory-farmed animals.  It's not only kinder to the animals, but it's healthier for us, as it is replete with beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients, and is not contaminated with hormones and antibiotics.  Leyden Glen Farm's pastured-raised lamb is some of the best around and is one of the main reasons I look forward to my local farmer's market every week."

Dr. Chris Decker - Naturopathic Physician, Florence, MA and Brattleboro, VT


“Stunning meat.”
Boston, MA


"Thanks so much for the delicious lamb. The freezer is full and we've had some wonderful meals already! It is so nice to be able to purchase delicious, fresh meat that's been sustainably raised and locally grown. The health and safety of our food is very important to us. Knowing where this meat came from and interacting directly with a Massachusetts farming family to bring it to our table, is a great way to eat locally, help our community and take good care of ourselves. We're so glad we found you. We'll definitely be back for more!"
Marie and Michael
Winchester, MA



"Oh man...We just had the first of our lamb tonight. I made lamburgers from Michel Richard's cookbook. The lamb was amazing and now I want to eat lamb EVERY night. You guys rock! I can assure you that there will be another lamb in our future. Our neighbors and their Ethiopian children thank you as well."
Janis and Rich
Marlborough, MA