Pasture Raised Lamb Western Mass


Leyden Glen Farm is a producer of grass-fed lamb located in the upper PioneerValley of Massachusetts, on the southern Vermont border. Nestled amongst the rolling hills, it is owned and operated by Mark Duprey and Kristin Nicholas and their daughter Julia Nicholas Duprey. We have been raising sheep since 1980 when we purchased four Romney ewe lambs and brought them home in the back of rickety pick-up truck. Those four Romney sheep are the basis of our flock today. Over the years we have introduced different breeds of sheep to create our own unique flock which thrives on the soils and hills we farm here in western Massachusetts.

We use no hormones or antibiotics. We practice rotational grazing during the growing season. When fresh grass is not available due to the weather, the sheep eat hay which Mark harvests during the summer months.  Our goal is to produce the best tasting grass-fed meat while helping to reclaim abandoned and unused farm and wood lands. Our sheep have reclaimed tens of acres and have helped to keep our beautiful New England hilltown vistas green and open. Through our rotational grazing practices, our sheep have helped to increase the health and fertility of the soil.

We look forward to sharing our delicious lamb with your family soon.

You can listen to a NEW interview on WRSI with the three of us HERE. We were featured as part of CISA's Buy Local Campaign.

Check out a great article from The Greenfield Recorder about our sheep farm and Mark's brother David's dairy farm. Here is the link to read the pdf